We offer a comprehensive array of services and products, but the clients who love us the most are clients who fit one or more of the following criteria.

Clients that have demanding quality requirements for their plastic parts.
We have built our business and reputation on delivering a consistent, high quality product. Many industries require these high standards because of performance, reliability and maintenance issues. We have invested heavily in process, training and equipment to be able to meet the demanding needs of our clients.

Clients that need a supplier to respond quickly to changing deadlines.
We have the process, people and equipment to respond quickly. Since we deal with many clients with very technical and changing requirements we have had to develop the internal ability to respond to their needs. We have been in this business for over 50 years and we know that our customers will have unusual issues that come up from time to time. Like manufacturing not having accurate numbers on inventory, designs coming late from engineering or an order misplaced on a buyers desk. We love doing what ever it takes to “bail” our client out. We have earned a lot of loyal clients over the years and we have no plans of changing that.

Clients that have very tight size tolerances.
We specialize in small parts that are used for very technical applications. We have very tight maintenance standards, process and expertise to assure you your requirement for consistency will meet your standards. Clients that have multiple custom parts, deadlines and would like a supplier to simplify their life. We offer a wide range of equipment, materials, processes and skills to meet most, if not all of your plastic needs. We also have a very detailed inventory system that allows us to track your needs and usage. When you need to reorder, we quickly get that order in production, even if you have not run that part in over 5 years.

Clients that want to bounce ideas off an expert in plastics to get suggestions on how improve the design or reduce costs.
The materials, equipment and process used in plastic manufacturing isconstantly improving. It is difficult if not impossible for people not in the business to know how new advancements could improve their product. We love keeping our clients informed on advancements. We have helped a lot of engineers look good over the years and they have returned the favor with their continued support of TSI.

Clients that need to do short runs or small quantities of parts.
Many of our competitors are not set up to do short runs and charge high rates to provide that service, however that is TSI Plastics’ specialty. For example, we make a very technical parts for aerospace, military and aviation but they may only be building one tank or plane per month. We gladly offer shorter runs for all our clients, as we know the relationship is well worth it in the long run.

Clients that require smaller parts (typically under 24 oz).
We offer the ability to do smaller parts. We are very proficient in dealing with the challenges that making small parts brings. We outperform our competition because we pay close attention to detail in this type of molding.