A Complete CAD/CAM design and manufacturer of precision machined parts, milling, turning and assemblies for aerospace, medical, computer and many other industries. Our CNC Machines are well suited for jobs that require a high level of precision for parts with very complex shapes (up to 5 axis milling) and repetitive jobs that require anywhere from a few pieces to thousands of identical parts. In the plastics industry precision eqials quality.

Since a computer controls the movement of the cutting tool, the parts are made to very precise specifications. Your design data in IGES or STEP form can be downloaded into TSI Plastics’ CAM program (Virtual Gibbs, SolidWorks and formatWorks), which is then translated into the machining of your parts.

Our state of the art equipment gives us the ability to machine your part to the finest detail of the necessary specifications for your project. Work that requires extremely close tolerances, down to ±0.0005 calls for Precision CNC Machining. This level of precision requires not only sophisticated equipment but also experienced specialists in programming, fixture design and development.