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Acquiring the newest in CNC milling centers allows TSI Plastics to remain one of the most sophisticated workshops in the United States. CNCs allow the position of the moving head/axis to be programmed electronically. They include a unique and powerful Trig Help feature eliminating the need for shop floor calculations. With the addition of two CNC milling centers TSI Plastics will welcome networking capability, large program storage, USB port, DXF import, probing cycles and industry standard G & M code formats.


Milltronics RH20
The RH20 is a Rigid Head Bed Mill that combines
a machining center head with a high performance spindle and a horizontal bed mill fame.  

• Powerful 18 HP closed loop spindle motor
• xtra heavy duty  five bearings spindle
• Spindle speeds up to 15,000 RPM
• Rigid fixed head design
• Economical five tool ATC option
• 20 tool ATC option
• Heavy duty steel way covers
• Extra long saddle offers  table support
• AC digital servos
• Graphic program verification
• Optional rigid tapping
• Rigid way construction
• 7200 Series CNC control
Milltronics VM20
The VM20 is a Vertical Machining Center is a compact machining center that offers high feedrates and rapid tool changes.  Combine that with a rigid frame design and the CNC control, and the American Made VM20 is highly beneficial to TSI as we are a high-production workshop.     

The VM20 includes:

• Chip drawers
• Automatic lubrication
• Spindle cartridge-cooling system
• Spindle motor options to 24 HP two speed  
• AC digital servos
• Five-bearing spindle with air-purge seal
• Closed loop spindle motor
• Inverted rail design in X-axis
• 1000 IPM x 4 rapid traverse
• Fully ground double anchored ball screws
• 7200 Series CNC control



Recognizing the people and companies making strides in the  state’s manufacturing sector
As one of Minnesota’s largest industries, manufacturing represents about 15 percent of the state’s gross domestic product. With manufacturers spanning a wide variety of areas and specialties, from medical devices to satellite antennas to craft beer, the industry is essential to the state’s economic health. Though there are many Minnesota-based individuals and companies making strides in the industry, following are some of the most noteworthy ones, recognized by this year’s judging panel (see page 49) for excellence in areas such as strategy, productivity, and innovation.

Best in Class: Small Company
Serving the industry for more than 50 years, TSI Plastics (tsiplastics.com) has become known for its excellence in quality plastics fabrication. Today it’s a leading manufacturer for precision-molded plastic components in the aerospace, military, computer, electronic, medical, food service, and construction industries across the nation. The Minneapolis-based company has seen an average 14 percent year-over-year, top-line growth over the past three years. It has also increased its full-time staff by 20 percent and broadened its client base with new, high-profile customers. Additionally, the company has expanded its capabilities to include aerospace-specialized precision CNC milling and turning, injection molding, rotational molding, thermoforming, die cutting, and mechanical assembly capabilities.

Employee-Training Award
Plastics manufacturer TSI Plastics (tsiplastics.com) knows that investing in its people is essential to consistent growth and overall improvement. That’s why it’s been making significant investments in its people and processes. The company has been investing in ways to elevate professionalism, decrease dependence on individuals, and provide the team with the best possible tools and environment. And with its continual top-line increase over the past three years, as well as its growing number of employees, that investment seems to be paying off. Some ways the company has done this is by implementing a formal training program, as well as leadership development courses covering conflict management, performance management, interpersonal and team effectiveness, and organizational development, plus ongoing CEO development by way of peer advisory.



As the injection molding machining industry advances, so does TSI Plastics. We have invested in three new injection molding machines to maintain our reputation of providing our customers the highest quality and precision possible.
Toshiba EC200SX V50-U48-8A (200 ton)• The EC200SX is an all electric horizontal injection molding machine allowing for the most precise injection process possible.

20% improvement in your dry cycle times
• The linear bearing ways and dynamic acceleration/deceleration control give us significantly faster cycle times.

Minimizing part contamination
• Bushing-free, grease-free tie bars reduce the possibility of contaminating molded parts.

Uniform clamping force across mold surface
• With uniform mold surface pressure, we can recycle tonnage, enabling us to maximize mold life and minimize machine maintenance.

More shot sizes with a single machine
• With the wider range of barrel choices from a single machine, we are able to shorten changeover times and move from project to project, quickly and easily. As a result, we can be online and molding faster than ever before.

S3 – Simple, Steady, Smooth
• With its friction-free drive mechanism and faster communications software, the new SX improves high-speed, high-pressure performance, while maintaining greater molding stability.

Gluco Shuttle Table VS75TPE (75 ton)
The Gluco Shuttle Table is a vertical injection machine equipped with insert molding, wire harness plugs, handles, and ear tags. TSI Plastics is pleased to announce that we are the only company in the Midwest with access to this machine.
• The injection unit can be mounted horizontally which leaves no hydraulics above the molding area, a great benefit for clean room environments.
• The upper platen is cantilevered out over the lower platen allowing obstruction free molding on 3 sides of the press and the shuttle addition allows for a faster molding operation.
• Magneto restrictive linear transducers to maintain accuracy in all manufacturing environments.
• Hydraulically driven rotary & shuttle tables with shot pin for precise positioning.

Ferry M-40 Clamshell
The single station Ferry M-40 Clamshell is a versatile, low capital investment machine for rotational molding.The flexible independent cycle control capability of these machines is an essential feature to meet the demands of todays marketplace for custom molders.Resins such as cross-linked polyethylene, LLDPE, nylon, polycarbonate and other new polymers coming into the market can be efficiently processed.

Clamshell benefits
• Compact design,
• minimum floor space required
• Allows for heating, cooling and service all in one station
• High productivity
• Fast delivery
• Low operating cost
• Low energy usage