TSI Plastics offers management solutions to improve your bottom dollar.

Our goal is to work smoothly with our clients in all aspects of our operation. We offer a variety of management and inventory control solutions to benefit our customer relations.

Contract Management:
TSI Plastics will help provide the framework and processes to bring accessibility, continuity, and performance to the document management lifecycle. Through Contract Management we help negotiate the terms and conditions in contracts, ensuring compliance with said terms and conditions,

TSI Plastics also documents and facilitates the acceptance of any changes that may arise during its implementation or execution processes. We systematically and efficiently managing contract creation, execution, and analysis for the purpose of maximizing efficiency and operational performance and minimizing risk to all participants. The benefits you gain are control over the contract process from terms, to internal processes, to ongoing maintenance.

Inventory Management:
At TSI Plastics we offer Inventory Management Systems and processes that identify inventory requirements, set targets, provide replenishment techniques and report actual and projected inventory status. Our systems help maintain a proper merchandise assortment while ordering, shipping, handling, and related costs are kept in check.

Supplier Managed Inventory:
Through TSI Plastics supplier managed inventory programs, we offer our customers a value added service by performing the replenishment planning task for their business operations. Through increased visibility into actual demand, we are able to recognize that and control the logistical processes involved. By knowledge of actual demand as well as inventory levels, our SMI program allows us to make better decisions on how to deploy goods across various customers locations, this in turn will help lower transportation costs, reduced inventory levels and lower sales cost.

Consignment Inventory:
Certain situations allow us to work with our customers in a consignment inventory program. TSI Plastics would produce a certain amount of parts or product and allow the customer to place these items into their production facility and hold in their inventory. This would allow the parts to be assembled into a finished product and making them more readily available for distribution to the final end customer. TSI Plastics and our customer would work out a prearranged cost that is beneficial to both entities in these situations.

Kanban – KAN/BAN Inventory:
TSI Plastics implements inventory management systems to synchronize production with customer demands, this results in shorter lead time and cost reductions. By utilizing supplier forecasts and lean manufacturing to reduce cycle time, TSI Plastics’ implementation of Kanban systems for pull based replenishment and parts creation gives us a higher responsiveness to customer demand by providing shorter lead-times. Our combination of lean manufacturing and kanban inventory management systems helps make TSI Plastics the industry leader in value and service.

Through proper selecting, packaging and delivery of unassembled parts, TSI Plastics is able to help minimize production and installation times for our customers. Having the proper parts supplied at key intervals help our customers reduce storage space and increase delivery time by reducing down time waiting for parts from different vendors.

Vendor Reduction:
Helping customers reduce their vendor base by either taking over the parts or if they are proprietary then TSI Plastics manages that supplier for the customer. This eliminates the number of suppliers the customer has to manage thus reducing their cost of purchasing management.