If you answer yes to that you know the value of value of meeting deadlines. Lack of a $5 part can shut down an entire production line, mean lost contracts, penalties, and maybe your job. That is why TSI meets 99.99% of all it’s deadlines. After 50 years we understand your pain.

When manufacturing “surprised” you with a last second requests for parts did your supplier expedite your order?
If you answered no, you know the value of a supplier that can be flexible when need be. Engineering and Manufacturing have a hard time prioritizing that little $5 part. But with out it your manufacturing can be shut down. We will do anything possible to get your part to you when you need it.

When you get a rush request for design changes, can your supplier “bail you out”?
We understand that design modifications are a required part of your business. We have the processes and equipment to quickly expedite those changes and “bail you out” of a tight spot.

Does poor quality parts put your reputation on the line?
When it comes to quality there are no corners to cut. We are aware that your and your companies’ reputation is at risk with poor quality parts. We are to ISO9001 and AS9100 Certified, and will ensure your parts are made from the highest quality parts materials. We are proud of our excellent reputation and will take every step possible to ensure quality. Clients that measure cost of quality (rework, or waste) know the value of quality parts.

The cost of production delays, rework or waste of time will cost you more at the end of the day. Quality at the end of the day is worth the investment Yes, Quality comes at a price but at the end of the day ask yourself – what will it cost if there are defects in the parts you manufacture?

Would a plastic expert in your corner reduce the time it take you to develop new products?
As our industry, equipment, materials and process evolve a quick call to us can save a significant amount of rework and time in product design. We have experts in that can customize a solution to your specific needs.

Are you looking for a supplier that can reduce your total costs?
We pride ourselves on being very competitive in all the bids we do. We also know that we will not win every bid we enter. We can say when cost of quality is considered we almost never lose a bid. As stated before our greatest value that we provide our clients is our focus is on quality, service and meeting all our delivery time commitments.

Would one supplier that can supply 90% of your engineered non-metallic parts simplify your life?
For most companies, having one trusted partner that can meet all their plastic needs greatly simplifies purchasing. Most realize efficiencies in both cost and time when they can deal with one expert plastic supplier rather than having to deal with a number of different suppliers.

If you could describe your ideal parts supplier would your current supplier meet that description?
If your current supplier would not meet you ideal requirements perhaps it is worth 10 minutes of your time to see if TSI can meet your needs and simplify your life. You may just find a supplier and partner to keep your business needs their top priority.

How do you compare in price to other suppliers?
Typically we are very competitive and when cost of quality is considered we are seldom beat. We would love the opportunity to bid your next project.

You have an impressive list of current customers, how did you earn their business?
We have been in this business for over 50 years and we have benefited from our reputation for quality and service. We have been referred into many companies.

We also have not sat on our laurels and have a culture of continuous improvement. We look at the key strategic and operational tactics to help our business meet evolving needs. We do regular follow-ups with our clients to make sure they are happy, as it is important to listen to your customers’ and improve on them. With us it is not a “one size fits all” but we pride ourselves in providing our clients customized solutions.

You state you have demanding quality standards, what does that “really” mean?
Quality is the ongoing process of improvement. We have detailed processes and are regularly audited by AS9100 auditors. We continually are assessing, anticipating, and fulfilling the needs of our customers. Quick response is VERY important to us, how do you ensure and measure response time? Our customers demand and deserve a quick response and we have the process and staff to meet that need.

I manage a lot of different parts, you state you are a full service supplier, tell me more?
When you look at the equipment and materials we work with you will see we have a robust capacity to meet most plastic needs. But, we go beyond that with our sub-assembly service where we can eliminate the need of using multiple vendors to receive a finished part.